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Stripe Payments Integration

We are excited to announce Rental Car Manager’s fully integrated payment processing partnership with Stripe.

Take payments quickly and easily from your website or over the counter using Stripe’s wireless tap and go card readers. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay or any of your preferred credit cards.

Wherever you receive payments with Stripe the transactions will flow into Rental Car Manager with our fully integrated Stripe feed.

Stripe Integration

Rental Car Manager has integrated with Stripe to provide you with the most cost-effective online payments and integrated EFTPOS solution available. With quick and easy onboarding, you will be taking online and over-the-counter payments in no time at all.

The seamless integration with RCM means you can:

  • Take full or partial payments at the time of booking and store customer’s payment details
  • Process booking payments inside RCM using customer’s stored payment details
  • Use Stripe certified EFTPOS terminals to automatically process over-the-counter payments in RCM
  • Fast track your depot pickup activity with simple ‘tap and go’ payments for all card types, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.