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We have received your enquiry and will be in touch very soon! In the meantime why not have a look below at some of our recently added features.  

Rules Based Availability Engine


With our Availability Engine running, you can respond to customers and website booking requests confident that your vehicle availability is being optimised. Fine tune the Availability Engines rules by adjusting turn-around hours, relocation times and much more!

Integrated Payments with Stripe


Rental Car Manager partners with Stripe so you can easily accept online payments from your website and process over-the-counter card transactions using Stripe’s integrated EFTPOS terminals. Processing your payments has never been so simple!

Identity Verification


Rental Car Manager integrates with APLYiD to provide secure identity verification so you can be sure your customers are who they say they are. With this great feature, ID fraud will become a thing of the past.

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Streamline everyday tasks of running a vehicle hire operation while maintaining the huge feature set that vehicle hire operators have come to expect.