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Packed with Features

At Rental Car Manager we listen to our customers and take a customer driven approach to our development. This results in a feature packed, industry focused system. Here’s a few more on offer!

Financial integration

Makes it quicker and easier to create invoices in your accounting system from reservations in Rental Car Manager

Integrated payment facilities

Take real time payments online or from within Rental Car Manager

Infringement Processing

Easily add an infringement/toll to a booking and produce a Statutory Declaration to send to the relevant authority

More features to enhance the booking process

Online Payment

Real time payments can be made from your website

Yield Management

Increase your revenue and decrease your workload with our Yield Management Integration option


“I particularly like the flexible approach in customising to suit my sometimes unique requirements. The approachable and friendly staff gets the job done with minimum cost and fuss. Mistakes are easy to correct, reporting is effective and the web interface is nice and simple to use.”

– John Donovan, Director of Rentforless

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