Here in Australia all of our users benefit from functionality and features that have been built specifically for the local rental vehicle market. Features include electronic signatures, national tolling integrationagent bookingsquick check-in options, mobile bookingsfleet optimisation and many more all tuned for our Australian customers.  If you are operating or starting a rental vehicle operation in Australia call us today and have a chat about how Rental Car Manager can help with your rental vehicle business.

The benefits of using Rental Car Manager in your business are both immediate and long term. With simple straightforward screens and improved work flows your operational costs will be reduced and customer service levels increased.  Combine this with effective fleet management using our ‘Fleet Manger’ tools and you will quickly see why Rental Car Manager has become indispensable for so many of our Australian users.

Our website integration option is one of the many reasons why most Australian rental car operators are now exclusively using Rental Car Manager. Whether your customer is booking online using a mobile phonetablet or a desktop computer, Rental Car Managers web module handles the request quickly and efficiently.  You retain full control over vehicle availability and can maintain all aspects of the online booking process such as location office hours, additional fees, one way rentals and many others.

Website and mobile bookings
Watch our demonstration video here
GPS Tracking

Rental Car Manager’s GPS tracking integration will make keeping track of your fleet quick and easy. Simply plug the GPS devices into your vehicles and you’re ready to go.

Once your fleet is setup for GPS tracking you’ll be able to view the current location and location history of your hired vehicles and the bookings associated with that vehicle.

Along with vehicle location a host of additional information is available including speed, battery voltage and ignition status.

Click here for a GPS tracking demo

Australia is a big place. We’ll have all your locations connected – instantly.

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin … all your locations are online and vehicle re-locations are optimized. Rental Car Manager can scale from one location to hundreds making business growth even easier.

Satisfied customers

Customers notice even the smallest things. Rental Car Manager ensures your interaction with customers is professional and efficient. All of our customer facing documents look terrific out of the box. Your confirmation emails are easily editable and Rental Agreements are customizable. Your customers can book with mobile phonestablets or desktop computers. Your customers will notice the difference.

Booking management

Rental Car Manager provides unique booking and scheduling options to optimise your fleet, which in turn ensures maximum revenue during peak periods. Additionally our visual planner option provides drag an drop features making vehicle changes quick and easy.

Looking after your vehicles – fleet management counts

Ensuring your vehicles are scheduled for servicing is easy with Rental Car Managers fleet management tool. When you log into the dash board you can immediately see all services due by date and kilometres travelled. Our fleet reporting options allow you to see total vehicle operating costs against rental revenue quickly and easily so margins can be maintained.


We have been using RCM since 2010 and never had an issue that could not be solved, the support desk is impressive and we hardly wait for any issues to be resolved.

I have been a heavy user of RCM for over 7 years. I have found the system to be very efficient and reliable.

We have been using Rental Car Manager since 2009. The system and support has been good and helped develop our business online.

We have been using Rental Car Manager since 2005 and have never looked back…

What is web based rental car software?

Rental Car Manager is web based software meaning you can access Rental Car Manager from any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

What does Rental Car Manager actually do?

Rental Car Manager is designed to be the back office software for your rental vehicle operation. From the moment a new booking is received the Reservation Sheet will tell you which vehicles are available at which location and when. Rental Car Manager then continues to track every booking and every aspect of your operation, from Vehicle Maintenance right through to the reporting of Sales, Hireage, Rates and Utilisation Analysis.

How much does Rental Car Manager Cost?

Rental Car Manager is subscription based software that is paid for with monthly fees. Remember that because Rental Car Manager is online there are no setup costs, hardware upgrades or license fees. Upgrades are also continuous and immediate. As we place no restrictions on the number of users or locations, Rental Car Manager will support your business growth at no additional cost. In fact Rental Car Manager costs just a fraction of comparable rental software making it attractive to Vehicle Rental Operators of all sizes, ranging from smaller independent users to larger franchise or licensed operators.

Not Convinced that Rental Car Manager is for you?

We understand that changing systems or investing in new systems can be expensive and time consuming so try Rental Car Manager yourself at no cost, with no ongoing obligation!  Simply contact us via the Free Demo page. Your trial system will be fully functional, so you can enter real daily bookings and then keep your trial data if you decide to stay with us.